Unesco and cities partners

“This paper reviews a variety of possibilities for action in the fields of competence of UNESCO and is intended for all international and national actors, and mobilized in the great enterprise of making cities places of self and new vectors for the dissemination UNESCO’s ideals. The publication begins with a review of education sector in the cities as a frame to the city of learning: education, development and citizenship:

  1. Building up responsible citizenship.
  2. Broadening the field of education.
  3. Fighting exclusion.
  4. Learning every stages in life.
  5. Reinventing Local Democracy.

Subsequently, the paper reviews the natural sciences sector in cities and their relations with the environment:

  1. Water in cities.
  2. Urban water management program.
  3. Disaster Risk Management.
  4. Urban ecology.

Similarly, the reader will find an analysis of social sciences sector to frame the city as a center of democracy:

  1. UNESCO chairs.
  2. MOST Programme.
  3. Guide “”Historic districts for all””.
  4. Urban policies and the right to the city.

It also analyzes the cultural sector and its links with cities:

  1. Preserving heritage amidst diversity.
  2. Heritage in poverty reduction.
  3. Local policy in support of cultural diversity.
  4. Creative industries.
  5. The world book capital city.

And finally, the communication sector as a tool for local development.”