2011/2012 Work Programme on Sustainable Urban Mobility

This document contains specific thematics issues that are important to cities and worldwide, acording The United Nations Advisory Committee of Local Authorities (UNACLA): Sustainable urban mobility; Job creation and local productivity; Flood protection and environmental resilience and Municipal fiscal systems and finances. This paper emphasizes on the subject Sustainable urban mobility for establishing effective public transport systems as a key element for sustainable urban development in general. Thats why, UNACLA defined the components in which the local authorities should work: 1. Linking transportation to urban planning to reduce the need for motorized travel. 2. Establishing effective public transport systems. 3. Expanding non-motorized transport infrastructure. 4. Mobility management for integrated service solutions. 5. Facilitating more efficient vehicle and fuel technologies. Then, the document names 4 activity components: A. Documentation of case studies and best practice examples on urban mobility interventions. B. Development of a eResources and knowledge exchange platforms. C. Initiation of Peer Exchange and Twinning Programs. D. Outreach – regional meetings and contribution to major international events.


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