Showing global poverty the red card

“In 2000, international leaders agreed to increase their efforts to improve the lives of the world´s poorest people. This led to the creation of eight goals, known as the Millenium Development Goals, which are due to be achieved by 2015. Local authorities have proved that they are key players in efforts to make difference in the developing world.This publication seeks to highlight the work of UK local authorities, or locally driven partnerships, which have had an effect on a particular goal in the developing world. Often these partnerships have impacted on one or more goals because their interdependence, and have brought a vast array of beneficts for both localities beyond the Millenium Development Goals themselves. The reader will find in this publication the eight goals to be achieved with case studies in each one. Goal 1: Alliaviate extreme poverty and hunger. Goal 2: Achieve universal primary education. Goal 3: Promote gender equiality. Goala 4 and 5: Reduce child and maternal mortality. Goal 6: Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases. Goal 7: Ensure environmental sustainability. Goal 8: Develop a global partnership for development.”

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