Strategic Guidelines 2004-2006 for the Decentralised Cooperation Budget Line

“The context of this publication focuses on the new regulation of the budget line. The budget line is still relevant buth it should be focused in order to improve its specific added value and consolidate its complementary with geographical instruments and other thematic budget lines. The decentralised cooperation budget line´s flexibility should be preserved and management could be improve. This budget line will support iniciatives and proposals that decentralised cooperation actors defined as eligible in the legal basis for financing in the framework of the general set of priorities proposed in this document. A clear priority will be given to supporting decentralised cooperation actors “”own initiatives”” within the thematic priorities of the budget line. The publication contains the following topics: The global situation and the european comission´s approach. Activities funded in the past and lessons learned. The response strategy. Priorities of the budget line. Multi-annual strategic guidelines 2004-2006.”

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