The international role of cities: Decentralized cooperation between domestic concerns and symbolic politics

“The term decentralized cooperation emerged in the 1980s associated with mutual relations between municipal twinnings. Since then the concept of decentralized cooperation han been continuously evolving and today seems to merge two parent fields: development cooperation and international municipal relations. However, thus far it is still veiled which […]

KS Annual Report 2004

“This annual report for the year 2004 on KS´s international project activities gives an overview of the geographic and thematic areas where KS is involved. Through the international projects KS acts as a partner with the Norwegian government and implements cooperation activities within the framework of Norwegian foreing […]

Aid Extended by Local and State Governments

“This report examines aid extended by local and state governments. It attempts to give a clear picture of the coverage of DAC (Statistics and Monitoring Division, Development Cooperation Directorate) statistics in relation to aid provided by local governments: which members report and how much? Which members do not […]