Local governments and international development co-operation: a European survey on strategies and policies

“The purpose if this survey is to analyse the main issues that local authorities in Europe are actually facing when they decide to get into international development projects. The publication contains the following sections: 1. Introduction. 1.1 City to city co-operation/decentralised co-operation. 1.2.City to city co-operation versus traditional development co-operation, the added value of cities. 1.3. The added value of cities in development co-operation. 2. Policy implications of C2C at the local level: The need for a symbiotic relationship. 2.1 The importance of the networks in policy making: a new “”co-operative governance””. 2.2 Development co-operation as a tool for internationalisation. 2.3 The local beneficts of international development co-operation and the need for citizen commitment. 3. Making it work. Tools for improving efficiency in city to city co-operation. 3.1 The need to define a real public policy regarding local development co-operation. 3.2 The new role of the private sector. 3.3. Monitoring, evaluating and impact communication. 3.4 The need for data collection and analysis at European level. 4. Legal framework of city to city co-operation. 4.1 The legal void. 4.2 The contractual aspect and the applicable law. 4.3 The national legal framework that allows local governments to undertake international action. 4.4 The status of managing structures. 4.5 Setllements of disputes. 4.6 Fiscal problems. 4.7 Formal recognition of the role of cities in the international context: first steps in the recognition of local authorities as international players. Conclusions.”

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