México. Country Strategy Paper

“This report aims to consolidate and expand to cooperation between the European Union (EU) and Mexico in 2002-2006. Part from the fact that Mexico is the largest economy in Latin America, and a growing power in the region, however, presents a number of challenges too. The EU desire is to provide support through the figure of development cooperation. Assistance will mainly target: to strengthen social cohesion, encourage a sustainable economy and competitiveness and deepen educational and cultural ties. The report is divided into 6 parts: 1. Objectives of the European Commission (EC) Cooperationon a global scale, Latin America and Mexico. 2. Analysis of the political, economic, social and environmental situation and medium-term challenges. 3. National Agenda. 4. International cooperation and the EC cooperation with Mexico: coordination and coherence. 5. EC response strategy (2007-2013). 6. Presentation of the National Indicative Programme.”